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MEETING AT THE RIVER - A Tale of Naked Truth

MEETING AT THE RIVER - A Tale of Naked Truth

10.95 USD
This autobiographical novelette is both a tale and treatise. Bivocational pastor and nurse David encounters the past. Surprised and upset to find a large crowd in ancient dress at his favorite swimming hole, he is shocked when some of them disrobe for a baptism ceremony, performed totally in the nude!

Antiquity offers a fatal blow to the wall in David's mind that keeps his experiences of hospital nudity from confronting the taboos of his upbringing. When that wall topples, he gains a new perspective on life in Bible times, a deeper theological appreciation of human embodiment, and a pricked conscience about the root cause of our culture's obsession with pornography. 

Join David, as he unlearns deceptions as old as Eden, relearns truths as relevant as our children's future, and faces the test of his transformed thinking by the challenge of four skinny-dipping Bible college students.

(For more information about the message of this book, see the Meeting at the River webpage on my website.)