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Poems Between Here and Beyond

Poems Between Here and Beyond

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Childhood exposure to the rhyme and meter of poets like Poe and Longfellow gave me a lifelong love for poetry. I'm a pastor ministering to seniors in a retirement community, but in 2015 retired from my RN job helping mothers birth and breastfeed babies. These callings have been special to me, but the one I've felt most deeply throughout my life has been this creative call to write poetry.

This is my fifth book of poems, written either between 2013-2016  or previously unpublished. For me, poetic composition has been like preaching prophetic burdens. And as with sermons, I learn more in putting them together than I can ever convey in the pulpit. So, in sending forth this poetic collection of insights and epiphanies, I can only hope the Holy Spirit uses them to inspire and enlighten my readers as He has blessed their author through writing them.

Read this poem book's "Introduction" and a sample poem from it which I've placed on my BLOG SITE.